Slip and fall accident injuries occur every day when an area is not properly maintained. These often take place in workplaces, grocery stores, and other high-traffic spots. But what happens if a slip and fall leaves you with outrageous medical bills, time away from work, and/or lost wages?

A slip and fall lawyer in Chattanooga, TN can help you receive the compensation you deserve for injuries and damages. Let’s take a look at why need to hire an attorney.

Assistance with evidence

Without sufficient evidence, you won’t have much of a case. It’s that simple. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury attorney will gather medical records, photos of the accident scene, as well as potential witness statements.

As with any case, the more evidence you have in your favor, the better.

Proof of negligence

Some slip and fall victims try to take it upon themselves to establish a case. However, what they don’t often realize is that proving negligence can be incredibly difficult on their own. This is another reason why we recommend consulting a slip and fall lawyer.

After gathering the necessary evidence, your lawyer will then present it to the court or insurance company. It’s ultimately your attorney’s responsibility to prove that proper care was not taken, leading to your accident.

Negotiating your settlement

Insurance companies will do everything in their power to offer a fraction of the compensation you deserve. Think of a slip and fall lawyer as your No. 1 advocate. An experienced attorney should have no problem negotiating with the insurance company and getting you the highest settlement possible.

About Our Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall cases are no fun whatsoever. As aforementioned, they can leave you stuck with costly medical bills and even lost wages in some scenarios. Sure, your first thought may be to deal with the insurance company yourself.

But this decision will likely add to the stress and nothing else. The reality is that you need a seasoned attorney by your side. But with so many personal injury lawyers in Chattanooga, how do you know which is best for your claim?

Your best bet is to contact the law office of Cavett, Abbott & Weiss. Our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined legal experience, so you can feel comfortable with our representation.

We do things differently at our law firm. For one thing, we understand you probably aren’t an expert when it comes to slip and falls and personal injury cases as a whole. That’s why our attorneys make such a concerted effort to keep clients educated and informed along the way.

At the law firm of Cavett, Abbott & Weiss, we don’t make silly guarantees. What you can count on, though, is that we will go above and beyond to achieve the best legal outcome for your case.

This certainly holds true with every personal injury claim.

It’s time to get the compensation you deserve from the insurance company. Contact Cavett, Abbott & Weiss today.