As civil litigation attorneys, we are well-versed in title insurance litigation. Keep in mind that similar to any insurance policy or contract, a dispute in real estate transactions can surface if one party fails to perform or breaches the agreement altogether. A title insurance dispute can impact a number of parties, including lenders, property owners, and underwriters. At our litigation law firm in Chattanooga, our attorneys provide cost-effective solutions to those entrenched in title insurance litigation.

Rest assured that two of our civil litigation attorneys, John C. Cavett and Barry L. Abbott, have extensive experience with title insurance litigation. Mr. Cavett, for example, represents numerous title industry underwriters such as Stewart Title, Old Republic Title, and First American. With more than 60 years of combined experience, you can feel at ease knowing that our Chattanooga law firm will fight for you.

Our attorneys represent homeowners, small businesses, contractors, title companies, and financial institutions in title insurance litigation, including cases that involve:

  • Negligent disbursements of a construction loan
  • Fraudulent transfers and mortgage satisfactions
  • Adverse possession, easement, and boundary disputes
  • Fraudulent disbursements
  • Liens and lien priority issues

When it comes to civil litigation, you want to be sure to have legal representation that’s not only experienced but also aggressive in your favor during every stage in the dispute. The lawyers at Cavett, Abbott & Weiss, PLLC work to protect the interests of clients. That mentality is not just limited to title insurance litigation cases, however. From construction and real estate litigation to business and commercial litigation, our attorneys will fight for you. That means listening to your needs, creating a customized plan of action, and implementing that plan in order to achieve proven results.

At Cavett, Abbott & Weiss, PLLC, you can’t afford to go to court without us!®