The Chattanooga litigation law firm of Cavett, Abbott & Weiss represents clients in all areas of construction and real property litigation, including materialman’s liens. As a general definition, a materialman’s lien gives a security interest in the property to someone who supplies materials used during work performed on the property. Keep in mind that in Tennessee, a materialman’s lien secures what’s referred to as the “contract price.” This is the amount agreed upon by the parties to be paid for the materials (in mechanic liens, the contract price is the amount agreed upon to be paid for the work).

Keep in mind that subcontractors have no right to a materialman’s lien against residential property where the owner resides or intends to reside. Overall, the purpose behind giving lien rights to contractors and subcontractors is that they should have greater rights and a better chance of collecting their debt than a party to a typical contract because their materials actually increased the value of the owner’s real property.

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It’s just about impossible to cover a materialman’s lien without causing confusion or further questions. Remember that lien laws are different in each state. With the complexity of materialman’s and mechanics’ lien laws that apply to contractors and subcontractors, it’s imperative to consult a civil litigation attorney in Chattanooga. At our litigation law firm, we can handle and achieve client success with even the most cumbersome of cases. That goes for all of the cases we take on, including civil litigation involving automobiles, premises liability, intentional torts, and business torts. With over 60 years of combined experience, you can be sure that you’re getting only the best legal representation.

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