Can DUI Be Expunged?


As we’ve mentioned in previous postsa DUI affects your entire life. While it’s certainly in your best interest to follow through with all sentence and probation requirements, the reality is that such a conviction can have long-lasting consequences. It’s why many Chattanooga residents come to the law office of Cavett, Abbott & Weiss for DUI help, specifically as it relates to the expungement process.  


The aftermath of a DUI

Let’s say you were convicted of driving under the influence exactly one year ago. Whether the incident stemmed from an isolated poor decision or a more serious drinking problem, you made it a point to clean up your act as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you found out the hard way that a drunk driving conviction doesn’t just go away on its own.

Even a year later, you’re having trouble getting a job, obtaining credit, and affording insurance. There’s no way to sugarcoat it — your DUI conviction continues to haunt you and make life miserable. This is when you may consider having your conviction expunged from your record.

What to know about an expungement

So what exactly is an expungement? In short, it means the conviction is sealed so that it no longer appears on future background checks available to lenders, landlords, potential employers, and the public in general. Though the record is never completely erased and can be seen by law enforcement, an expungement prevents the record from continuing to get in the way of your life.

Now for the million-dollar question — what’s the process for getting an expungement? Though the eligibility requirements vary by state, officials often factor these questions into their decision:

  • Was this DUI your only conviction?
  • How much time has passed since the conviction?
  • What was the nature of the conviction?

Keep in mind that if you have multiple DUI convictions on your record, chances are your expungement request will be denied. The same holds true if your conviction was a felony. If you’re not sure whether you should move forward with the expungement process at all, we suggest speaking with a DUI defense attorney.

Is seeking an expungement worth your time?

As aforementioned, not everyone with a DUI conviction will be eligible to have their record expunged. If you have the financial means and the patience to go through the process, you may be rewarded in the long run. That said, seeking expungement is not the right decision for everyone.


Here at the law office of Cavett, Abbott & Weiss, we understand the challenges that come with a DUI conviction. Such a conviction can affect employment, your quest for citizenship, as well as your relationships. But it’s not as though your life is over after being hit with a drunk driving offense.

This is where our DUI defense attorneys come into play. With a combined six decades of experience, we understand what it takes to mitigate circumstances and get your life back on track.

Let’s see if DUI expungement could be a potential solution for you! Contact the law office of Cavett, Abbott & Weiss for DUI help in Chattanooga.