4 Characteristics of a Quality Criminal Defense Lawyer


Criminal defense law firms help people defend their innocence in cases that involve criminal charges. When your freedom or the freedom of a loved one is on the line, and innocence comes into play, you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer to not only represent you in a court of law, but to help you navigate the challenges of the legal system. If you’re looking for a defense lawyer in Chattanooga, reach out to us at Cavett, Abbott & Weiss. You can’t afford to go to court without us!



The primary job of a criminal defense law firm is to communicate to the judges or a jury that you are innocent, which is why it’s so important that you hire a criminal defense lawyer who demonstrates excellent communication skills. Look for succinct, prompt communication, as well as a criminal defense law firm that keeps its appointments and isn’t late to any meetings.



Having the requisite experience to work on criminal cases is important, as the justice system can often be confusing, or even imposing to some people who are working their way through it. Look for a criminal defense lawyer who demonstrates a strong working knowledge of the law. Our lawyers at Cavett, Abbott & Weiss bring years of experience to the table and specialize in criminal law.



In sensitive matters — such as criminal proceedings — nothing could be more important than confidentiality. Find a criminal defense law firm that prioritizes your confidentiality, and will ensure that your reputation remains untarnished, especially should you win your case.



A good criminal defense lawyer will relentlessly pursue important documentation such as police reports and traffic reports should you be involved in any criminal case. Look for a criminal defense law firm that has a track record of going above and beyond for their clients, such as Cavett, Abbott & Weiss, who will go the extra mile to ensure you’re represented fairly in court.

Criminal defense law attorneys are not a service you or your loved one should use lightly. But if you do need a criminal defense lawyer in Chattanooga, look no further than Cavett, Abbott & Weiss. Contact us today!